The characteristics of the stealth grip


Every skier has certainly experienced the unwelcomed need to take off his or her gloves in very bad weather to adjust the length of the pole straps. Gipron has transformed this annoying and uncomfortable operation into a simple, intuitive and immediate action that can be carried out with the gloves on. The secret is the Stealth grip – an exclusive Gipron’s patent – that permits strap adjustment to be performed in three easy steps.

It is in fact sufficient to open the lever placed on the top of the grip, move the strap until it reaches the correct length, and lock it by closing the lever again. The lack of a buckle and the millimetric accuracy of the device ensure that length remains unchanged also in case of a strong pull. Stealth-web The easy and intuitive operation of the Stealth grip in three steps: (1) open the lever; (2) adjust the strap length; (3) close the lever.

Gipron has fitted its Stealth grip to some of its highest-end models of poles for Alpine skiing and trekking, thus offering the most-demanding sportspeople the best solution as to technology and comfort.