Discover the Flicklock


Initially, the adjustment of the length of extensible ski poles was obtained by use of a poorly reliable rotation/expansion mechanism. At the beginning of the nineties, Gipron launched a pioneering research project aimed to improve the product. The result, achieved after two years of studies and extremely severe tests, was a revolutionary lever-controlled system that ensures the perfect locking together of the sections making up the pole at the required length with a simple action.

The name given to the design is FlickLock, and Gipron is still the exclusive owner of its European patent. The imitation attempts by the international competition notwithstanding, FlickLock is still the smallest, lightest, most reliable and intuitive, highest performance device on the market. 
Gipron has been using this winning technology for several of its poles for downhill-skiing cross–country skiing, trekking, Telemark and Nordic walking.


Gipron has made adjusting the length of a pole the easiest task. It is sufficient: 
1) To open the FlickLock device with one finger
2) To select the desired length
3) To close the adjustment lever.


Gipron has fitted the FlickLock to lines of poles destined for sale and for rental. The Rental FlickLock products (the animation shows model 272 Senior) give enormous advantages to the ski-service providers, who can keep in stock a number of poles that is the same as the number of the skis since they can adjust the pole length to suit the characteristics and preferences of every customer.