Talent, perfection of the athletic gesture, thorough physical training are essential elements, but they are not enough. Every top skier must also have available leading edge equipment every detail of which has been taken care of in the best possible manner.
Gipron is proud to offer the athletes who seek perfection three competition pole lines in 2013/2014, which are the epitome of several decades of experience in design and in the use of the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing technologies.

GI-55 + Composite
This line includes models made of GI-55 Ergal/Zicral aeronautical alloy with the lower portion made of carbon fiber. These poles, studied and tested specifically for high-level competitions, such as the Ski World Cup, are lightweight and very low drag thanks to their very small cross-section. They are available in the senior version and in the very new junior version.

This line includes five prestigious models (three for senior skiers and two for junior ones). They are made of GI-55 Ergal/Zicral aeronautical alloy, and are tapered and hardened at the G. Pronzati – Gipron shops. They are used by the Italian team and other teams taking part in the Ski World Cup. Senior: mm 18 x 0.8 – TS > 55 Kg/mm2; Junior: mm 15 x 0.8 – TS > 55 Kg/mm2.

This line includes two poles for training and competition fitted with racing strap and grip and small basket. They are made of G-55 aluminum alloy. Mm 16 x 0.8 – TS > 55 Kg/mm2.