310 Montblanc trail running

UltratrailmontBlancBorn in England and the USA, Trail Running and Ultra Trail have now become more and more popular in the Alpine countries, including Italy. Year after year, more and more people, professional sportspeople and amateurs alike, are “getting the bug”, and love to run on several kilometer long wild trails that wind across hills, highlands and mountains. Estimates indicate that about 16,000 people took part in the races listed in the official calendars in Italy. If amateurs not participating in competitions are considered, the sport has about 20,000 followers in the country.

Physical training and the choice of the correct equipment are essential for the aforementioned disciplines, which are deeply rooted in the love for nature and in the in-born human desire to test one’s limits. For these reasons, Gipron, a company well known for the high quality of its product, has used its know-how and technical expertise to develop the most innovative trail running pole available on the market. Drawing inspiration from the famous Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) race, to which it also owes its name, the Gipron 310 Mont Blanc is an ultra-light pole that, also thanks to the effectiveness of its tungsten tip, gives the user an excellent support and help in balancing.
When folded (it is made of four sections that can be put together in a very simple manner), the pole takes a very small space in the backpack, and this makes carrying it extremely easy.


Leading particulars
Four-section pole made of 7075 light aeronautical alloy (TS = 55Kg/mm2).
Weight (per pole): 160 g and up
Grip of light foam, with strap
Tungsten tip
Sizes: cm 105-110-115-120-125-130. Extreme size accuracy for a total of 6 sizes in five cm intervals.
Overall dimensions when folded: cm 32 to cm 36 depending on the pole size.


It is supplied in an elegant customized Lycra® bag for transportation when folded.



US runner Kristin Moehl, the winner of the female The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 2009 race – time: 24 h 56 min. – shown in action with her  Gipron 310 Mont Blanc poles.