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Discover the Flicklock Initially, the adjustment of the length of extensible ski poles was obtained by use of a poorly reliable rotation/expansion mechanism.




310 Mont Blanc forTrail Running

Born in England and the USA, Trail Running and Ultra Trail have now become more and more popular in the Alpine countries, including Italy. Year after year, more and more people, professional sportspeople and amateurs alike, are “getting the bug”, and love to run on several.                              

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311piegato 311 Micro  Gipron presents a new product for trekking derived from the 310 mont blanc, pole for the trail runnin already in catalogue since 2008.The new product it’s called 311 micro and it’s very light, just 240 grams.                               

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312  Smart pole Discovery

The next generation within compact outdoor poles . Is the most recent Gipron patent.                                                

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